Drupal Quick Fixes

I gave this presentation at the Boston Drupal meetup on 11/1/11. I discusses some very common problems Drupal sites run into, how to fix them, and what to keep in mind while you're doing so.


Disable login field memory

Here's a tweak that makes the login form a little more secure. It attempts to disable the auto-complete features of browsers to remember the values of the username and password fields.

Condensing Forms with Help Icons

A project I'm currently working to clean up a bit has some lengthy forms in it. They're already broken up a bit with CCK Fieldgroup Tabs, but I wanted to trim them down a bit further.

By theming the form elements, we can take the description of a field and use it as the title attribute of a small help icon image attached to the field. Then the user can hover over that to see the description, but it takes up much less vertical screen real estate.

Domain Access redux

I'm working to convert a fairly complex site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 (just in time for Drupal 7). It uses Domain Access extensively, so that had to stay. I also wanted to increase performance a lot as part of the move, so I decided to try out Boost, since the vast majority of the visitors are anonymous.

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