Anonymous Comment Email Verification

Attached is a module that requires anonymous comments to have the supplied email address verified before they enter the normal comment workflow.

wysiwyg editors and script placement

In my experience, wysiwyg editors, at least FCKeditor and TinyMCE, won't work if scripts are loaded at the bottom of the page. However, it's great to have the scripts down there for the perceived performance boost.

So, conditional statements in the page.tpl.php to the rescue!


Made a little amusement: Birds That Should Exist.

Segmentation by OG in Google Analytics

Another patch today at Google Analytics to allow for segmentation by Organic Groups. I'll give the same rationale I gave there here: Segmentation by OG seems like a good idea because they tend to indicate user interests, and are usually aggregate so they don't violate the Google TOS.

Of Noderefs, Actions, Workflow, and Flags

I revisited some of the techniques I was using for a contracts management system for a speaker solicitation and event tracking tool. Once again, node references are creating a parent/child relationship, this time between solicitations for events and events themselves.

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