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Segmentation by OG in Google Analytics

Another patch today at Google Analytics to allow for segmentation by Organic Groups. I'll give the same rationale I gave there here: Segmentation by OG seems like a good idea because they tend to indicate user interests, and are usually aggregate so they don't violate the Google TOS.

OG forums; no extra modules*

I figured a way to create per-organic group specified forums, with no extra modules needed*. You will, however, have to apply this patch. It gives Views more respect for the $group placeholder. I am not using the core Forum module, but would be interested to see if this worked with it.

I developed this because I was worried about my users understanding the OG Taxonomy or OG forum modules. With this, they only see a few extra text fields when defining their group, and a pull-down when creating their topics. case study

This is a writeup of how and why United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack valley chose Drupal for the redesign of I'll talk about our history with Drupal, how we structured the new site, which modules we used, and how we migrated data from our old site.

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